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JES Hardware Solutions Introduces JESJazz

Plug & Play Storage Device Connects

Removable Media Directly to Windows Networks

MIAMI, FL – JES Hardware Solutions announces JESJazz, a plug-and-play storage device that allows users in a Windows workgroup to read and write to removable media over a network without the need for a file server or workstation. With the new JESJazz, users can share Iomega Jaz drives, easily copying files to and from them using the standard "drag and drop" methods in File Manager and Windows Explorer.

The versatile JESJazz features support for both Microsoft networking (SMB over NetBEUI and TCP/IP) and the Web (HTTP and FTP over TCP/IP), and once connected to a Windows network, it simply becomes another drive letter that users can access. It uses standard 1GB Jaz disks, and can transfer data at a speed of 10 MB/second.

JES Hardware Solutions delivers JESJazz in a three bay tower that is available in two basic configurations. Model D1 includes 1 Jaz drive plus the controller. In addition, JES offers an expansion cabinet for JESJazz that can support one (Model # E1) or two (Model # E2) additional Jaz drives, and also including a chaining cable. By using just one JESJazz system, users can control up to seven Jaz drives.

"JESJazz is a fully integrated, affordable storage solution that connects directly to the network to support the data backup needs of all network uses," said James Sessions, President of JES Hardware Solutions. "The direct connect approach is much simpler and more elegant than interfacing a Jaz drive directly to a server or workstation, plus the backup speed supported by JESJazz is significantly faster since it transfers data via a Fast SCSI II interface."

JESJazz is the first in a full line of high-speed network connected storage solutions called JES Network Appliances that JES Hardware Solutions plans to deliver during 1997. Among the products to be included in this new product line is an affordable direct connect hard drive that can effectively replace conventional file servers.

For more information regarding the new JESJazz, or to obtain a pricing quotation, contact JES Hardware Solutions by phone at 305/597-3980 or 800/842-1866, or visit the JES Hardware Solutions web site at

Founded in 1992, privately-held JES Hardware Solutions is well-recognized for its unmatched expertise as a supplier of advanced technology CD-ROM networking solutions. Its product lines include JESJazz – a network connected Jaz drive, 7 and 14-bay CD-ROM Towers, a full-line of RAID Systems, CD-ROM Recorders, Dedicated CD-ROM Servers, and Direct Network Connection solutions. Its products are currently distributed in the U.S. by Ingram Micro and Tech Data, and are sold by a number of leading computer resellers across the country.

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