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Founded in 1992, privately-held JES Hardware Solutions is well-recognized for its unmatched expertise as a supplier of advanced technology CD-ROM networking ,RAID and NAS solutions. Its product lines include  7,14 and 28 CD-ROM/DVD Towers, a full-line of SCSI and IDE RAID Systems and a complete line of SCSI and IDE NAS and NAS clustering systems solutions. Its products are currently distributed in the U.S. by Ingram Micro  and are sold by a number of leading computer resellers across the country including Computer City, Computerland, Microage, and Dell.

The company’s initial product, an affordable 7-bay CD-ROM Tower, was soon followed by a 14-bay version, both of which offered customers a choice among the highest quality CD_ROM drives available from leading manufacturers such as Nakamichi, Plextor, and Toshiba. Today, in addition to these 7 and 14-bay CD-ROM Towers, JES Hardware Solutions also offers a full-line of CD/DVD caching systems, RAID systems, NAS and NAS clustering systems.

7 and 14-bay CD-ROM Towers from JES feature all steel construction, and are delivered complete with a two-year 24-hour replacement policy on all components, and 24-hour technical support is provided on all network solutions as well. Support is also provided for all types of network operating systems, including Novell, Banyan Vines, Windows NT, and Unix.

The JES Hardware Solutions’ family of RAID products includes 10 and 14 bay systems that allow customers to easily install and set-up a fault tolerant, high-speed magnetic storage system at an affordable price. All systems are hot-swappable, and single tower RAIDs can be configured to support up to 48 TB of storage. CD-ROM/DVD backup systems from JES are professional systems shipped complete with the correct hard drives and controller cards necessary to make CD-ROM/DVD backup and  recording as easy as plug-and-play.

JES Hardware Solutions’ line of NAS and NAS clustering systems are equipped with all of the necessary software pre-loaded for easy network integration. In addition, the company offers a complete line of SCSI and IDE  RAID to attach to the NAS systems. JES also offers a complete of flat NAS (non-hot swap) systems up to 1.6TB.

JES Hardware Solutions’ products are currently being used by the city of Boston as well as a number of prominent organizations, including the Association Press, Bank of America, Lockheed/Martin Marietta, Metlife, Stanford University, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Federal Express and AMEX.

For more information regarding JES Hardware Solutions, or any of its products, contact the company by phone at 305/597-3980 or 800/482-1866, or visit the JES Hardware Solutions web site at


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