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Axis Storpoint E100 CD
Network CD-ROM Server for Ethernet and Token Ring

The AXIS Storage CD provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for sharing CD-ROM discs over networks, making all CDs easily accessible to all users at all times.

Systems using the Axis E-100

Share CD-ROM
The AXIS StorPoint CD is a CD-ROM server that enables users to access and share CD-ROMs over the network. No more changing of discs or searching for them around the office. Place it where needed and connect up to seven CDROM drives and up to 56 discs to each unit.
Easy to Use in
Any Network
CDs appear just like shared discs to all users. AXIS StorPoint CD can be used with NetWare, Unix, Windows (including Windows NT(2000) and Windows 95), OS/2 and WWW/Intranet simultaneously. It is easily set up using platform independent Web-based management.
File Server Independent AXIS StorPoint CD installs and operates completely independent of any file server. This approach allows peer-to-peer communication between the client and the CD-ROM server, which keeps the network traffic to a minimum, giving users direct, fast and familiar access to all CDs.
Installs in Minutes
Attaching directly to the network without involving any file server, or requiring any additional software, it installs in minutes without causing any system down time.
Internet/lntranet Web Server
A built-in WWW server makes it possible to access the CDs using any WWW browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator). Put Web pages on a CDROM and set up a WWW-site in minutes!
No additional hardware, software or licences are required to run the Axis
CDROM server. It's completely self-contained, ready to "plug-n-play".

Additional Specifications

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