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CD DVD backup system
CD DVD backup system

Lightning DVDR/CDR recording and backup NAS system


Network attached DVD/CD ROM recording and backup system base unit
Enclosure configuration:
DVD recorders:
Backup and recording cache:
IDE channel three (optional):
Ide channel four (optional):
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Network attached DVD/CD ROM recording and backup system base unit. Unit operates as follows. You assign your backup software to write to the NAS volume on unit. Once NAS volume is written, you schedule the backup to begin. The backup software will then break up the volume into pieces you assign the size of (650MB (CD ROM),4.7GB(DVD)) on recording volume. The unit will start writing DVD/CD at the assigned time. You can use multiple DVD/CD recorders to make system more automatic otherwise you will have to re-load the CD/DVD recorder as they finish recording. Additional hard drives can be added to the system as NAS or CD/DVD sharing volumes.

256 MB RAM
10/100/1000 E-net
Novell (bindery)
Windows 95,98,2000,XP
Windows NT All
Windows 2000
Windows 2000 (mixed mode)