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dot.gif (646 bytes) Now you'll access data at hard-drive throughput, eight times quicker than a standard CD tower.

dot.gif (646 bytes)You'll manage a staggering 500 DVD/CDs as simply as with an old-fashioned seven-CD tower.

dot.gif (646 bytes)You'll increase system scalability by tenfold-at decreased cost -and be ready for DVD and CD recorders.

dot.gif (646 bytes)With an Internet connection, you'll manage your CD system from anywhere in the world with the ease you now work over an office Intranet

dot.gif (646 bytes)Actual ISO CD image is created on hard drive to give the look and feel of a real DVD/CD. This is not just a file copy of DVD/CD.

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IT70-2-N516S-CACHE (25 disc) 2376.00
IT70-4-N516S-CACHE (50 disc) 2769.00
IT70-CACHE100 (100 disc) 3075.00
IT70-CACHE175 (250 disc) 3945.00
IT70-CACHE500 (500 disc) 4779.00

Rack mounts are available in 2U and 6U formats

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Lightning tames the fiercest data beast:
dot.gif (646 bytes)Complete your research eight times faster
dot.gif (646 bytes)Manage 500 DVD/CDs as easily as seven
dot.gif (646 bytes)Increase system scalability ten-fold
dot.gif (646 bytes)Be ready for DVD, CD-Write
dot.gif (646 bytes)Easily add more hard drives
dot.gif (646 bytes)Manage by Internet

Unsurpassed technical specifications:
dot.gif (646 bytes)Network Friendly--Supports 10 and 100mbps Ethernet, Installs without network downtime, Displays networked CDs under a single drive letter, Platform independent.

dot.gif (646 bytes)Upgrade Ready--Allows access to ISO09660 formatted DVDs, Prepares/mounts CD/DVDs automatically. You can replace the Nakamichi CD loading drive for DVD drive for free.

dot.gif (646 bytes)Secure-- Global user authentication, Netware directory and NT domain authentication

dot.gif (646 bytes)Smart as a Whip--Caches DVD/CD-ROMs to hard drives, Remote load utility, automatic disc image creation, Auto volume recognition and sharing, Autoconfigure volume security, Automatic application launch and security, Auto license metering and statistics functions.
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Talk about a monumental boost to your office productivity:

- A lightning CD packs 14 standard towers INTO ONE...
- Supercharges each one 8 TIMES FASTER...
- Is smart enough to function over the Internet!

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