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1998 CRN Test Center

Product Review

JES Hardware Solutions Inc. NetRaptor


* Price: 1 node, $2,500; 5 nodes, $2,500; 10 nodes, $2,500; 25 nodes, $2,400; 50 nodes, $2,200; 100 nodes, $2,100
Status: Shipping
Distributors/Integrators: Ingram Micro, Tech Data
Authorization Requirements: None

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The advent of Windows 95 with its built-in networking has made the workgroup and small office network a reality. However, even with local hard drives on workstations hitting 6 Gbytes, often there is not enough space for one machine to be the "server" where all the shared files reside. To make the installation of network-available drive space as easy and painless as possible, JES has released the NetRaptor.

The NetRaptor is basically a hard drive with a network card and some memory in a box. It is available in a variety of hard drive sizes and also supports access via TCP/IP. The drive can be accessed from any Windows 95/NT machine that has TCP/IP or a UNIX system using NFS.


Setup of the NetRaptor could not be easier, requiring only plugging in the network cable, the power cord and the supplied SCSI-3 terminator. If using DHCP, the unit works at this point. Otherwise the TCP/IP settings must be configured, which is done through a serial port connection and VT100 terminal emulator such as HyperTerminal.

Configuring the TCP/IP settings is extremely easy and requires only minimal networking knowledge, such as IP address, subnet mask and default gateway address. The unit includes a quick start guide that details setting up the TCP/IP settings on the NetRaptor as well as on a PC. The unit tested included a 9 Gbyte SCSI-3 Seagate hard drive and 32 Mbytes of RAM.

When the NetRaptor is turned on, it boots up a proprietary operating system called AutoNet, which handles all the management and configuration of the system and includes a Web server. The Web server allows management of the device via a Web browser from anywhere on the network once the initial IP settings are configured.


The CRN Test Center engineer found the JES NetRaptor simple to install and easy to use; it was operating in about five minutes. The Web-enabled management utility makes managing the unit, including formatting the hard drive, getting statistics and upgrading the firmware, a task anyone can do.

The NetRaptor provides resellers with a cost-effective way of adding shared drive space to an existing network or setting up a small/home office network without the client needing to purchase and maintain an expensive file server with a conventional network operating system. The CRN Test Center at PC Expo recommends the NetRaptor from JES Hardware Solutions Inc. for situations where a small network needs to add shared drive capacity.

-- Rich Neves


Computer Reseller News
June 22, 1998
Issue 795

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