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New BLU-RAY/DVD/CD-ROM recorder and backup system.

Backup 100'S of GB'S of data using multiple BLU-RAY/DVD/CDROM worm/rewriteable discs.

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JES announces Lightning BLU-RAY/DVDR/CDR; a combination BLU-RAY/CD/DVD recorder and BLU-RAY/CD/DVD backup system utilizing the new state of the art BLU-RAY burner from SONY. Now you can make multiple BLU-RAY/CD/DVD disc backups across your network. The backup system will allow for the spanning of multiple BLU-RAY/CD/DVD discs. Simply direct your backup software to write to the NAS volume on server. Select the volume from the NAS drive to be chopped up. The volume will automatically be broken up in to BLU-RAY/CD/DVD volumes (you select the size of break down) on BLU-RAY/CD/DVD recording  hard disc. Once the Volume is broken down in to BLU-RAY/CD/DVD pieces the recording process can be scheduled or start immediately.

LIGHTNING BLU-RAY/DVD/CDROM features in addition to above:

bullet1.gif (1198 bytes) SONY BWU-100A BLU-RAY/DVD/CDROM recorder for multiple disc BLU-RAY/CD/DVD backups.                   

bullet1.gif (1198 bytes)Fully automated back up system.  System Can record to any combination of BLU-RAY/DVD/CDROM worm/rewriteable discs.

bullet1.gif (1198 bytes)10/100/1000 E-net connectivity

bullet1.gif (1198 bytes)Simple and easy to use web interface

bullet1.gif (1198 bytes)System can be used as a NAS storage volume

bullet1.gif (1198 bytes)BLU-RAY/CD/DVD sharing server as well

bullet1.gif (1198 bytes)Windows 2000, NT, Novell (Bindery), UNIX, Linux, MAC, FTP, WEB, XP.

Please call for more INFO on models and prices 800-482-1866

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