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163425 IT28-28-M1401-NAS

28 bay tower with 28 Toshiba 40X SCSI CD ROM and AXIS E-100 Storpoint

10/100 Ethernet connectivity this unit will require two network drops

DVD drive can read CD ROM 40X


JES hardware solutions can not stress enough for customers wanting to buy a 7, 14 or 28 bay tower to look the LIGHTNING CD (IDE) or the TORNADO CD(SCSI) products. These are caching towers, where the actual CD ROM image is copied to a hard disc. These systems are faster and cheaper. The 25 disc system is cheaper  than even a 7 bay tower. These systems are also expandable to 250 CD's. Please look at these products  they are the future of CD ROM networking, CD towers are the past.
Government Best Buy Technical Excellence Award

14-bay and 7-bay solution
Ingram Micro Cross Reference

Dual-bay mini-tower solution
featuring Nakamichi drives
Ingram Micro Cross Reference

 28 BAY  LOCKING DOOR TOWER with 28 Toshiba M1401 DVD

Axis Storpoint E-100 Network controller

Novell NDS,Win2000,LINUX,UNIX and MAC supported

Cd's can be separate share or aggregate share


Our tower solutions come complete with a two year 24 hour   replacement policy on all components.

We suggest you look at the Lightning CD CD-ROM and DVD caching towers

All towers come with front and side locking doors.
300 Watt power supplies.
External SCSI ID's.
Two Centronic 50 connectors (Apple SCSI).
All steel construction.
Three cooling fans.

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