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101071 UPGRADE-25  (25 disc)       $ 1948.00


This product is an upgrade of a customers existing CD tower. The customer returns tower to us on their dime and we ship it back overnite to them. The upgraded tower has a new two year warranty.
Universal Network Client Accessibility & Fileserver Compatibility

Flexibility and compatibility are critical concerns when sharing resources. Flexibility and compatibility are critical concerns when sharing resources.

Supported clients include:

  •  Novell NetWare 3.x 4.x and  5.x(True IP) NDS
  •  MS Networking (Windows95,Win 2000, Windows NT,
  •  Windows for Workgroups, DOS)
  •  IBM OS/2 LAN Server
  •  Novell 5.0 True IP and  NFS
  •  Web Browsers (HTTP 1.0 and HTML 2.0)                      
  • Apple-Talk and MAC IP
  • Unix/LINUX NFS mounting
IP Acquisition
  •  DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
  •  RARP (Reverse Address Resolution Protocol)
  •  Manual Acquisition

    Network Requirements
    * 10BaseT or 100BaseTX network
    * TCP/IP


  •  20GB 7200RPM IDE (Maxtor, Seagate or IBM) hard disc able to expand three more drives of any size and brand( all tested)
  • SCSI Nakamichi 5 disc mini-changer
  • -9 bay tower with 6 expansion bays (SCSI or IDE)
  • Free DVD exchange for Nakamichi
  • Unit has both IDE and SCSI buses
  • 500 logins and 300 simul users
  •  Supports both 10 MBPS and 100 MBPS Ethernet Networks..
  • Actual ISO image creation of CD/DVD, not a file copy
  • Caches CD-ROMs to hard drives for increased access speeds.
  •  Displays networked CD-ROMs and subdirectories under a single drive letter or a single share for each CD/DVD or a group CD/DVD share.
  • CDR support included (software and hardware)
  •  Prepares and mounts CDs and DVDs automatically or manually
  • Domain controller or NDS security as well as local security
  •  Installs easily and requires no additional client software,   No network down time is necessary.
  • Nakamichi and DVD loading drives are networked as well.
  • 500MHZ processor
  • 64MB RAM
If you want 68pin WIDE SCSI caching system, look at Tornado-25 system.
Sales tip

Cheaper and faster than 7 bay tower system

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