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LIGHTNING  40GB CD/DVD recording and backup system

824782 2DVDR-40GBNAS       $3335.00

Lightning 2 DVDR/CDR recording and backup NAS system with 40GB cache.


A network CD/DVD recording and multi-disc back up system. System comes with a CD/DVDR and two 40GB hard discs. Instruct back up software to write to NAS volume or copy files to NAS volume. Once on NAS volume instruct recording program to chop up the data in to CD/DVD pieces on second 40GB recording volume. Recording can begin immediately or can be scheduled. Additional (4) recorders can be added for unattended multiple CD/DVD disc backup.  

Supported clients include:

  •  Novell NetWare 3.x 4.x and  5.x Bindery
  •  MS Networking (Windows95,Win 2000, Windows NT,
  •  Windows for Workgroups, DOS)
  •  IBM OS/2 LAN Server
  •  Novell 5.0 Bindery
  •  Web Browsers (HTTP 1.0 and HTML 2.0)                      
  • Apple-Talk and MAC IP
  • Unix/LINUX NFS mounting
IP Acquisition
  •  DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
  •  RARP (Reverse Address Resolution Protocol)
  •  Manual Acquisition

    Network Requirements
    * 10BaseT or 100BaseTX network
    * TCP/IP


  •   2 40GB 7200RPM IDE (Maxtor, Seagate or IBM) hard disc. One NAS volume and one recording volume.
  • 2 Pioneer A04 CD/DVD (4.7GB DVD) recorders
  • -9 bay tower with 6 expansion bays
  • 500 logins and 300 simultaneous users
  •  Supports both 10 MBPS and 100 MBPS Ethernet Networks..
  • Actual ISO image creation of CD/DVD, not a file copy
  • Backups and data recording can span multiple discs.
  • System will convert multiple CD ROM to DVD
  •  Can be used as a CD/DVD sharing and a NAS device as well.
  • Domain controller security as well as local security
  •  Installs easily and requires no additional client software,   No network down time is necessary.
  • 500MHZ processor
  • 256MB RAM

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