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Net Raptor
MANUFACTURER: JES Hardware Solutions
PRICE: $2,689 (4GB version with 32MB
RAM) $3,144 (9 GB version), and $9,275 275 (hot-
mirrored version of 18GB array)
WIN 3.11 with TCP/IP,WIN NT
for 8MB, WIN 95,or UNIX Workstations NFSV2
PROS: SCSI drives for good performance easy
setup and administration readily expandable
CONS: (As reviewed) no data redundancy

Do you find yourself constantly running out of disk space? If so, then Hardware Solutions' Net Raptor may be a easy solution for you. The Raptor consists of one or two SCSI drives plus a controller board, which are housed in a sturdy metal case with power supply and fan. It has a standard RJ-45 jack for connecting to a 10 Base-T or 100 Base-T network. We found it was faster, sturdier, and more flexible than the Snap Server we reviewed previously.

The AutoNet Controller is a cardbased file server that lets you connect storage devices for direct network access. It allows the Raptor to support UNlX-based networks and Windows applications. The controller uses an onboard 66MHz RISC processor and has 32MB EDO RAM, which can be expanded to 128MB We terminated the Raptor with the supplied active terminator, and connected the unit to our 10Base-T Ethernet hub. Setting up the gateway, subnet, and IP address for the Raptor required us to connect the unit to a workstation via a supplied RS-232 serial cable. JES provides "Auto IP" software for this purpose as well, but using the serial connection proved faster and easier.

After this brief setup, we were able to access the Raptor's Java-based administrative tools via Netscape Communicator.The tools let us create and format disk partitions, grant access rights, back up the disk, and even flash upgrade the Raptor's firmware with ease.

The Raptor is a solid piece of network gear, backed by a 2-year, 24hour replacement warranty that provides excellent throughput and will tolerate heavy use.lf you need network disk storage, but don't want to buy another file server, the Raptor is worth a serious look.



September 1998

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