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The Raptor RAID system is a new NAS( Network Attached Storage) product. The product is simple to install and use. All you need is a IP address and a web browser. All systems are constructed of the finest materials and hard disk 10,000 RPM) available. See the specifications below and see why JES has the finest made RAID systems

: Some companies are trying to pass IDE drives off as ULTRA SCSI with a converter board. These drives are not ULTRA and do not have ULTRA readability, or performance. Second these systems only support level 5 RAID.

Please check out the specifications below

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*Optimized 500MHZ AMD K2 6 processor *Web interface to controller functions      *10/100 full duplex
* Unlimited user license
* Fault tolerant firmware
* SMB and NFS support (WIN and UNIX)
* TCP/IP and gateway support
* User level, share level and NT passthrough
* Tape backup support
* E-mail notification of system errors
* Low total cost of ownership
* Simple installation and maintenance

*LVD back-plane. True LVD
* Hot Swap drive canisters
* Extra cooling for 10,000 RPM drives
* Redundant power supplies
* Hot Swap fans
* 110/220 power supplies
* 2 drives channels
* European models available
* FCC class b, CE, CSA, TUV, ISO9000

*10,000 IOS per second RAID 5 90MB
sustained 2 drive channels
*LVD (low Voltage Differential) 80 MB per second
* 10,000 RPM ULTRA SCSI drives
* Supporting all platforms with no special software or drivers required.
* 72 hour Cache battery backup
* Supports RAID levels 0, 1, 0/1, 3, 4, and 5
* Supports up to 30 external hard drives, 15 drives per channel
* Two ULTRA SCSI drive channes
* Adaptec CI/O Management Software™
and GUI Interface for easy monitoring and managing your disk storage*
* Menu driven LCD display for controller based Array configuration with controller status/fault LED̉s.

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Brief Overview of Raid Technology

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