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Raptor 500
Embedded Software Platform

500MHZ AMD K2 6

Features Benefits
Dedicated Thin Server appliance technology
  • Allows storage anywhere on the network
  • No need to bring down main server or client systems to add storage
  • Relieves bottlenecks at main server
Concurrent SMB and NFS client access with full data integrity. Full file locking implementation services retain full multi-user application support.
  • Seamless integration between Server Message Block (SMB) and NFS files for simultaneous access by Windows and Unix users.
  • Support for Unix's hard / symbol links, long file names, and built-in security.
  • Extensive software caching ensures usual high Unix performance levels.
Share mode, User mode and Passthrough access security
  • Unprecedented security in a Thin Server.
  • Customer chooses the mode to suit the environment.
  • Passthrough allows just one user/group database for the network to be maintained on an NT server.
  • Access control by IP address to block external SMB access.
RAID 0,1,5  with background rebuild.
  • Provides redundancy and data protection.
Supports TCP/IP, and HTTP Industry Standard networking protocols.
  • Plugs into existing network infrastructure.
  • Operates in popular Windows and browser environments.
Java and web browser menu with Quick Start Configuration and set-up wizard.
  • Web based configuration and management utility for:
  • Fast set-up, less than 5 minutes.
  • Email alert notification.
  • System services monitoring.
  • HTTP server enable.
Linux file system.
  • Self-repairing to provide file system integrity.
  • No need to run Scan Disk or fsck utilities.
  • Fast recovery from failure.
Embedded Linux multi-tasking real-time O/S Server Architecture (RTOS).
  • Eliminates unnecessary server components, i.e. monitor, and keyboard.
  • Optimized network file serving.
  • Eliminates OS licenses.
  • Eliminates loading software.
DHCP Client implementing IP address leasing, centralized configuration management and mobile computing support.
  • Enables the sharing, allocation & tracking of IP addresses and configuration management and allows mobile users to automatically obtain address and configuration status regardless of location.
Netscape (6) and Internet Explorer (5.0 & 4.1 w/ Service Pack #1).
  • Supports latest web browsers.
Windows Internet Naming System (WINS) support to provide ability for client resolving of server names beyond a sub-network.
  • CDS server can be seen and accessed rapidly in a multi-sub network environment, providing higher productivity.
Local Tape Backup support for SCSI 4 & 8mm, AIT, DLT, multi-tape (spanning) and stacker devices.
  • Backup scheduling available at weekly, monthly or daily.
  • Tape catalogue management.
  • Intelligent restore.
  • Greater flexibility.

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