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JES now offers Workgroup RAID. 80GB  level 5 NAS system with tape backup 3699.00

Compare our high end RAID systems performance and enclosure design to any of the mass produced RAID systems and see why JES is the right choice.


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bullet.jpg (813 bytes) NAS RAID Direct Network Attached Storage (NAS)
These RAID systems are attached directly to the network and are perfect workgroup solutions when additional storage is needed. No user license or server is required. All that is required is an IP address which you assign, and the system is off and running. The entire system is controlled by a web browser, but has high security.
bullet.jpg (813 bytes) Raptor RAID IDE(NAS) Low cost workgroup RAID systems with tape backup. 10/100 full-duplex. Up to 200GIG of storage. 80GB systems start at 3699.00
bullet.jpg (813 bytes) SCSI TO SCSI RAID (High speed server attached)
These raid systems are to be used when speed is the only requirement.   We mean fast 10,000 IOs per sec level 5 90MB sustained.  These systems are ideal for MAC, UNIX, NT or any operating platform where the host can
supply a SCSI connection.
bullet.jpg (813 bytes) FIBRE RAID (SAN)
These systems are for SAN  and fibre backbones.  Caution:  Fibre is very fast! 100 MB per second, but the fibre infrastructure can be very expensive.   Select fibre RAID only if you are familiar with it.(..........)
bullet.jpg (813 bytes) CLUSTERING (multiple hosts)
A clustering system is to be used with UNIX or NT Enterprise where a clustering scheme is to be implemented.  A clustering system is one where the RAID shares two hosts.  If one host should fail the backup host will take over the load of the failed one.  These RAID system come with two host channels and two drive channels.
bullet.jpg (813 bytes) CLUSTERING AND REDUNDANT RAID CONTROLLERS (multiple hosts and RAID controllers)
This system is to be used in cases where 100% uptime is absolutely necessary, not just 99.999%.  These systems will have two RAID controllers and also dual host connections.  You will then have a cluster and a hot fail over RAID controller.   It is very expensive and suggested only in cases where it is absolutely needed.

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