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JES Hardware Bus Independent Raid Systems For Any SCSI Host

The bus independent RAID systems has all of the RAID functions built into the enclosure. You simply hook it up to a MAC or UNIX systems using a standard SCSI card.  The system just thinks it is a very large hard disk.  RAID functions are controlled by the front panel on the system or can be controlled by a serial port from a computer.

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wpe6.jpg (3627 bytes)

*10,000 IOs per second RAID 5 90MB
sustained 2 drive channels

*LVD (Low Voltage differential) 80 MB per second

*10,000 RPM ULTRA SCSI drives. Up to 325 GIG

*Syred ULTRA II SCSI TO SCSI RAID controller.

*Supporting all platforms with no special software or drivers required

* Supports RAID levels 0, 1, 0/1, 3, 4, and 5

*Supports up to 30 external hard drives, 15 drives per channel

*Two ULTRA II SCSI drive channels

*Menu driven LCD display for controller based Array configuration.


*System is totally portable

*Wide SCSI interface and two drive channels to give maximum thruput

*Any SCSI III or ULTRA II SCSI card can be used as a system interface. (Adaptec, FWB,..ETC.)

*Extremely rugged enclosure designed for IT environments.

*All of the fault tolerance necessary to give you 100% uptime.

*Drive canisters to give drive flexibility as technologies improve


* LVD back-plane.  True LVD

*Hot Swap drive canisters

*Extra cooling for 10,000 RPM drives

*Redundant power supplies

*Hot Swap fans

*110/220 power auto sensing

*2 drive channels

*European models available

*FCC class b, CE , CSA, TUV, ISO9000

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Brief Overview of Raid Technology

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