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Raid Systems Technical Overview


Our RAID (Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks) systems are complete kits to add RAID to your existing networks. Our purpose with this family of RAID products is to allow easy installation and set up of a fault tolerant high speed magnetic storage system at a reasonable price. All components of our 10 bay RAID systems are hot swappable. Multiple tower RAIDs can be up to 1TB.

Bus independent RAID arrays come with a RAID controller built right into the tower enclosure, and can be interfaced to a computer of any bus type, as well as direct network connection. BI RAIDs tend to be more expensive because of their stability, portability and serviceability (swappable controllers). All RAID systems come with two drive channels and one or more FIBRE or SCSI host channels

The RAID enclosure comes complete with hot swappable hard disk, blowers(fans) and power supplies(redundant) . The entire enclosure is all backplane, this allows for LVD transfer rates and reliability.

All drives are SCSI 3 Ultra Wide SCA (80 pin). The use of fast wide SCSI III (LVD) drive allows for true 32 bit data transfer. The drives themselves are 10,000 RPM drives, thus allowing synchronous data transfer rates of up to 80MB per second per channel. All drives have an 800,000 hour MTFB.

All systems are warranted for five years and carry a 24 hour replacement policy and free unlimited technical support.

Level 0-is just drive striping this combines all drive in to one contigious volume. It is fast but if you lose a drive you lose the entire system.

Level 1- is drive mirroring it is a little slower, but you have drive redundancy. The only draw back is 50% drive over head or you lose 50% of your overall storage

Level 5- is the most used RAID level because it is fast and provides redundancy at a 30% overhead. Level 5 RAID requires at least 3 drives. If you lose one drive the RAID will keep functioning until the broken drive is replaced and rebuilt

Hot spares- are standby drives are used in all levels of RAID in case of drive failure. If a drive should fail the Hot Spare will automatically start the rebuild process and keep the RAID functioning at its peak performance.

Our RAID systems can be configured as small as 27G or as large as 1 tb per controller. Please call, e-mail or press "live rep" button    for a complete price list and configuration assistance.

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