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JES Raptor
Revolutionary Server Connectivity and Flexibility

JES now introduces its next in a series of network appliances ‘NET RAPTOR’ and ‘RAPTOR MIRROR’. These products are a new line of direct network shared hard disk systems. They are designed to replace convential file servers in that the function of opening, closing and the transfer of data files has been taken out of the server and brought directly to the network. These systems cost about one third of the price of a high performance server and are just as fast and even faster in certain network topologies. We now have a way of truly distributing processing across a network. Now have separate appliances for databases, WORD, EXCEL and other applications. Computer users need no longer battle for server time. All processing is distributed over several appliances and not a central file server. The system requires no expensive network operating system (SOHO) all users communicate to the device through TCP/IP. If you do already have a network operating system the appliance will attach to it easily and instantly increase your computing power and overall storage. The appliances come in two different configurations Direct connect hard drives and mirrored hard drives. The NET RAPTOR hard drive system comes in a two bay tower and can be expanded to seven drives. The RAPTOR MIRROR system comes in a two bay hot swap tower and can be expanded to six drives or three mirrors. The mirror system is firmware based for high performance. The RAPTOR systems themselves can easily be repaired as all components are hot pluggable. The NET RAPTOR and RAPTOR MIRROR system will come in a 1,2,4,9,23 GIG formats. The entire system is configurable through a web browser like "Internet Explorer".


Systems specifications:

Available drives for the NET RAPTOR AND RAPTOR MIRROR:

Ultra fast wide 1.2 GIG 5400 rpm

Ultra fast wide 2.1GIG 5400 rpm

Ultra fast wide 4.3 GIG 7200 rpm

Ultra fast wide 4.3 10,000 rpm

Ultra fast wide 9.0 7200 rpm

Ultra fast wide 23.0 5400 rpm

Tower specifications:

Dimensions H-9 1/4 W-7 5/8 D-11 7/8"

Unit weight 40 LBS

Power 130 watts 115-230 VAC

Two cooling fans

68 pin ULTRA WIDE Teflon cable.

The tower is externally terminated.


66 Mhz RISC processors

Ultra Fast Wide SCSI Bus (20MHZ 40MBPS )

32MB RAM 60ns expandable to 128MB

Open Firmware Support with 2MB flash ROM


File system Extended FAT (40 character file names)

Supported clients: WFW 3.11 w TCP\IP, WinNT for SMB, Win 95, UNIX workstations NFS V2

Network Management: SNMP V2, MIB II

File sharing protocols: NFS, WebNFS, SMB CIFS

Network Transport: TCP\IP

Network Link: FastEthernet 100Base-TX and Ethernet 10Base-T with auto detection

Connector: RJ-45


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