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The main difference between the Tornado CD and the Lightning CD is that the Tornado uses and  ULTRA WIDE 10K SCSI drives.

25 CDs ONLINE FOR $2866.00 SRP
50 CDs ONLINE FOR $3355.00 SRP
100 CDs ONLINE FOR $4062.00 SRP
250 CDs ONLINE FOR $4842.00  SRP
             500 CDs ONLINE FOR $8574.00 SRP

Rack mounts in 2U and 6U formats available


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A busy workgroup needs a state-of-the-art CD-ROM networking solution - one that is reliable, incredibly fast, flexible enough to accommodate various networking needs and platform independent to ensure hassle-free installation and use.   The system should also be capable of supporting both 10 MBPS and 100 MBPS Ethernet, and offer browser-based access capability.

Introducing JES TORNADO CD the fast, easy-to-use thin server tower that gives unequalled flexibility, scalability, and performance.

Flexibility and compatibility are critical concerns when sharing CD resources. TORNADO CD takes these worries away by providing universal network client accessibility and file server independence.  The TORNADO CD comes powered with all the software you need to cache and share CDs or DVDs.

With TORNADO CD technology, you can cache CDs and DVDs to your tower's hard drives to speed up access and allow concurrent access by multiple users.  Caching with TORNADO CD emulates drive speeds of up to 66X!

JES TORNADO CD comes in five models with 25,50,100,250 and 500 disc capacity.  All products are manufactured with the finest components and are covered by a 2 year warranty, 24 hour replacement policy.

The main difference between the Tornado CD and the Lightning CD is that the Tornado uses and  WIDE SCSI drives.

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*Provides web browser access to CDs and DVDs.

*Expandable up to 500 CD-ROMs and  DVDs.

*Supports both 10 MBPS and 100 MBPS Ethernet Networks.

*Caches CD-ROMs to Wide SCSI 10K hard drives for increased access speeds.

*Guides administrators through the remote CD caching process via remote loading utility

*Displays networked CD-ROMs and subdirectories under a single drive letter.

*Unlimited user license.

*Prepares and mounts CDs and DVDs automatically.  Users can access titles with point-and-click.

*Offers automatic disc image creation, automatic volume recognition, automatic volume sharing, and configurable volume security.

*Installs easily and requires no additional client software.  No network downtime is necessary.

*Takes full advantage of NetWare directory and NT domain authentication services, providing global user authentication.

*Provides automatic application launch, application security, license metering, and statistical functions.

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