What is Lightning CD ?
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 Lightning CD is the newest CD-ROM networking technology. Due to the low cost of hard disk storage, it is now cheaper to cache CD-ROMs to hard disks in the towers. All the CDs are accessible to anyone on the network at emulated speeds of 66X. This is a wonderful boost in performance and tower capacity. 


10/100 network interface
Linux base OS (fast)
NT, Novell (3X,4X,5X), MAC, NFS support
All CDs appear as one drive letter or each CD can be a separate share.
DVD and CDR(recorder) support
Towers are scalable to 250 discs
Nakamichi 5 disc mini-changers as loading drives
Locking front and side doors
Remote loading feature
A complete singular purpose server 
Simple easy to use web interface (shown later in tour)