This is a general RAID system product tour. We will discuss the four different RAID systems available from JES. They are all built in the same case design. Check out these RAID features:
  • Hot swap and redundant power supplies
  • Hot swap and redundant blower fans
  • True LVD back plane design( no cabling)
  • Swappable RAID controller
  • 10 drive capacity per tower
  • 30 drive capacity overall
  • Systems come with up to one TerraByte
  • SAF-TE SCSI bus monitoring
  • Sleek small footprint design

Lets look at the four different options you have.

  • NAS RAID -Direct network connect  (No server needed)
  • SCSI TO SCSI - Attaches to any SCSI host (NT, Novell,MAC,UNIX)
  • CLUSTERING -Has two host connections (NT Enterprise, UNIX)
  • CLUSTERING REDUNDANT RAID -This system is a 24HR 7 day system. It clusters between two hosts and has 2 redundant RAID controllers.

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